Experiential Learning Programs (IELP)
It is time to get out of your routine for a day or two to de-stress and add some energy to your life.
Impact brings to you IELP wich offers many different outdoor team building programs. These programs will get your team working outside their comfort zone and having fun, adding some zest and act as a stress buster to their lifes. Along with that  these Programs provide the perfect platform on which your team can build a strong bond through shared experiences and some friendly competition.
Each of these Programs are customised to your needs and is a mix of activities and  games executed under the supervision of trained and experienced Outdoor Experts.
So come and take the opportunity of a fantastic way to unwind, re-bond and synergise with your team. The variety mix of these team activities means there is something for everyone to enjoy and take away a learning from it while they have fun.
Triple ‘R’ – Recharge, Rejuvenate, Refresh
Most Companies organize annual get-togethers, picnics so that people can relax, reconnect and recharge. Many Companies have Conferences were these event can add spice to the event and break the Ice. Objective of these programs is De-stress, fun and strenghten Team bonding.
Outdoor Trainings based on ELP
People are one of the most important asset of a Company and that it is the strength of their work that will carry the Company to great heights. People spend most awake hours in a day at their work place. This makes it very important for the company to give them a good working atmosphere and also motivate and train them.
ELP is a process which begins with an experience and is followed by analysis, discussion, reflection and introspection. These programs in the outdoors have proven one of the most effective methods for training.
We conduct programs at all levels of Management form beginners to Mid to Senior Management. These programs are executed under supervision of experienced, qualified and well trained Professionals. Facilitator and Outdoor Experts are constantly at hand to simulate various scenarios through which Experiential Learning is achieved. Well timed inputs of our facilitator, who demonstrates how the experiences are actually a metaphor for a real life situation (e.g. the group’s work environment) help participants to review their strengths and weaknesses from their actions during the game or activity and strive to develop necessary skills in their chosen area of activity or profession.
Adventure Sports and Activities
Activities that challenge an individual to extend themselves beyond their fears and apprehensions and give a thrilling experience is Adventure. Few are individual focused activities and some are group based. These can be fun, learning and a thrilling experience. 
  1. Rappelling, Valley Crossing, River Crossing and more
  2. Rafting
  3. Paragliding
  4. Trekking
  5. Skiing Courses
  6. Camping​

Team Building

Team building is a collective term for various types ofactivities used to enhance social relations and defineroles within teams, often involving collaborative tasks. 

Impact hasseparated just a few basic, straightforward examples into sections that focus on the most common challenges for teams.

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