Avandh – Patta
Aundha is located in the eastern part of Kalsubai range with neighboring forts of Patta, Bitangad, Aad and Mhasoba. Fort features good opportunities for rock climbers and is a challenging as well thrilling trek.
The top area of Aundha is very small and it hardly takes half an hour to see the fort. There are few water cisterns and caves on the fort. An entrance from a huge rock carved out can be seen. We can see the surrounding forts of Kalsubai range, Patta, Bitangad, Alang, Madan, Kulang from the top of Aundha. 
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Harishchandragad Trek
It is one of the ancient forts in Western ghats and is a dream trek to be undertaken atleast once. Its origin is said to have been in 6th century, during the rule of Kalchuri dynasty. The citadel was built during this era. The various caves probably have been carved out in the 11th century. In these caves are idols of Lord Vishnu. The various constructions on the fort and those existing the surrounding region point to the existence of diverse cultures here. The carvings on the temples of Nageshwar (in Khireshwar village), in the Harishchandreshwar temple and in the cave of Kedareshwar indicate that the fort belongs to the medieval period, since it is related to Shaiva, Shakta or Naath.
The major attraction of Harishchandragad is Kokan Kada. Its beyond description, one should actually see it to experience the nature's architecture. Taramati and Rohidas , the two peaks atop Harishchandragad, are also worth visiting as they offer beautiful views of the sahyadri ranges. The ancient temple of Lord Shiva atop Harishchandragad is also good sight for observing. An ancient temple and the caves present at the base village Khireshwar are also worth seeing.
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Rajgad Trek
Rajgad Fort (near Pune, India) is one of the grandest forts of the Sahaydris. It was Shivaji Maharaj's capital for 26 years. This fort is a must visit in any ones trekking/adventure list. This fort has seen lots of historic events. The origins of this fort date back to 2000 years.
Rajgad is tristar shape with each ends having the grand machis and the bale killa or citadel at the center. The diameter of the fort at the base is 40 Kms and hence difficult to capture. Some main sightseeings are the Padmavati Temple, Padmavati Lake, chor darwaja, Pali darwaja, Gunjavane darwaja, Daru Kothar (storage of arms and ammunition), Bale Killa, Sanjivani Machi and Suvela Machi. 
Raigad Trek
Raigad Fort, also called as ‘the Gibralter of the east’ was the invincible capital of the legendary king Shivaji. Placed at an altitude of 2700 feet on an irregular wedge-shaped mass of rock, Raigad fort is inaccessible from three sides. A massive fort, nested on a steep vertical rock face, appears defiant and insurmountable.
Raigad houses the Samadhi of Shivaji Maharaj and a trip to Raigad is considered like a pilgrimage by many. The ruins of the fort and palace is well maintained. Raigad fort ruins consist of the queen's quarters, the bases of pillars, and watch towers in front of the palace grounds overlooking an artificial lake - Ganga Sagar. A replica of the original throne is in the public 'durbar' faceing the main doorway



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