NDA Childrens Adventure Camp

Pune, Maharashtra

Mst Vedant Ambekar
“It was a very good experience and I became independent and tough. “
Mst Parth Athalye
“I liked the exceptional way of distributing various food items in the train. I totally enjoyed the trip. I am waiting forward for the next trip.”
Mst Varun Inamdar
“Good service. Food supplement at proper times , good care taken with Outdoors, all manners were explained while in the campus. Worth going in a group through Adventure Holidays”
Ms Chiara Karnik
It was a good experience. I enjoyed a lot. Even though other kids especially the girls were bit different, we all managed to enjoy. My next camp will be Chandan Sir
Mst Arnav Thakoor
“These 3 days have been the best days of my summer camp. Thanks to you all and Adventure Holidays camp. I got this opportunity. I like to thanks Chandan sir and say that it doesn’t matter if I become the best camper but my friends support was more important. All facilities were brilliant, Shweta tai thanks for tang and food. Chandan sir speech was the best and inspired me. Not just old buddies but even new friends. I would like to go for future camps “

Mamta Kotian

Kerala Family Holidays

A wonderful and unforgettable trip with my family to 'Gods own country'....Kerala. Wouldnt have been possible without the able guidance and meticulous planning by Dipti and Chandan Thakoor of Adventure Holidays. The whole itinerary was so well planned and customized ....From the mesmerizing places we visited, the comfortable travel, the amazing hotels n delicious food was simply out of the world. I must say that this has been our most memorable trips ever and will be etched in our hearts forever.
Thanks Adventure Holidays for gifting us this lovely memory. Would definitely love to have many more adventures with you.

Ajay Pande – Branch Manager, SBH

Leh - Ladakh tour

Dear Dipti,
I was with Chandan n you in leh Ladakh in last September. It was an amazing experience. I was speechless by the beauty of Ladakh. Arrangements made by you were excellent. I had been to lot of tourist places with some tour companies ,but the major difference I noticed is there is no tight time schedule which may miss lot of masti ,shopping etc . No tensions of schedule. I will give 100 marks to u both for personal caring , do you remember we had a small trek during our tour program ,I was stuck due to panic cramps in my right leg , Chandan push me , carry my sack n told me lot of motivation stories n complete that difficult path. Throughout the journey he was with me, due to him only I returned safely. Thanks to u both. A very important question I want to ask is that this year where to go.

सौ शुभांगी संजय चाफेकर

Leh - Ladakh Tour

स्वर्ग ही संकल्पना आहे ....की खरच अस्तित्वात आहे ....याचा फारसा कधी विचार केला नाही.लेह लडाख ची सफर केली  आणि खात्रीच पटली की तो धरेवर ठायी ठायी आहे.आपल्या नजरेची फक्त सफर घडायला हवी.श्रीनगर पासून सुरु झालेला हा प्रवास लेह च्या परिसरात संपूर्ण भारावलेल्या अवस्थेत कधी  नी कसा घेऊन आला हे कळलेच नाही. सामावशिल किती  ह्या नजरेत ......अशी अवस्था.  नुब्रा व्हॅलीतल्या मऊशार पुळण व पेंगाँग लेक च्या पाण्याचा स्पर्श हा या सफरीचा सर्वोच्च  क्षण.....शब्दा पलिकडला. असा हा आनंद अनुभवताना सजगतेने जाणीव करुन दिली ती  सैनिकांच्या  खडतर जीवनाने .प्रतिकूल व खडतर परिस्थितिशी झगडून ही देशाच्या सीमांचे संरक्षण करणा-या सैनिकांसमोर  नतमस्तक होत,ऋण मानत , परत पुन्हा भेट द्यायची असे स्वतःला बजावत परतीची वाट धरली.
संस्मरणीय , सुंदर अशा या सफरीच्या आयोजनाचे सर्व श्रेय अॅडवेंचर हॉलिडेज च्या  दिप्ती प्रधान ठाकूर व चंदन ठाकूर यांचेच.असाच योग पुन्हा जुळून  यावा हीच इच्छा.

Alhad Oak

Tadoba Jungle Safari

We 6 nature enthusiast decided to go to some wild life sanctuary.  Adventure Holidays suggested Tadoba.  Chandan advised us that to book at least 4 months in advance the day when bookings open. Thereafter everything was taken care by Adventure Holidays, train, flight, hotel, car pick up and drop.  He mentioned you just bring your camera, binacs and most important Enthusiasm.  He also advised never enter jungle with thought that I have to only watch tiger. This jungle is fulll of  beautiful animals. We went to Tadoba in 1st week of March 2016. We saw Sloth Bear, Dhol wild dog, Indian Gaur, many types of deer, and many new birds that we never saw in our life and  we saw Madkasur a male tiger at Jamun Bodi for around 20 mins. Our food and comfort was fully taken care and it was fantastic experience.
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